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Chiropractic Testimonials

I have suffered with chronic back pain for 30 years. Since coming to Fenander Chiropractic, I no longer have the constant daily pain or tightness. I have not had to wear my back support belt or always use ice and heat packs. Coming here was the smartest and best decision I have ever made!

I also had laser therapy on my knee which has helped the pain greatly. The doctors and staff are very kind and efficient. The nutrition program has helped me also to give my body the vitamins and minerals it was lacking.

- L.W.

I have used Fenander Chiropractic and Wellness for probably 20 years or more. Sometimes they see a lot of me, and sometimes not so much. I’ve learned to listen to my body and not to put off a treatment if I need it.

The doctors are very professional and helpful and accommodating. The staff is always friendly and professional as well.

I raised my children and grandchildren to believe in chiropractic and they are thankful for that. We all thank you for helping us.

- S.B.

I’ve been going to Fenander Chiropractic for close to 30 years now and have always received excellent care. My best interest has always been foremost in their treatments and recommendations.

Their care extends beyond just spinal manipulation. It includes heartfelt conversation during which not only do they get to know me better but I come to understand myself more fully as well. I have come to equate Fenander Chiropractic so much with my well being that just walking into the building often begins the healing process. Our insurance is not associated with this office, but I am willing to pay the bill myself to get the excellent care.

- J.W.

Nutrition Response Testing Testimonials

Am I doing everything I can to get better? I found myself asking this question, after spending months working with physicians at Mayo Clinic, in an effort to identify what ended up being a rare autoimmune disease. I certainly took the medications they prescribed, but was there more I could do to help myself? I had taken vitamins for years, and after learning more about what is often lacking in the vitamins I purchased, decided to try Standard Process vitamins. To do so, I met with Dr. Mike and Val Fenander, who did testing to determine which vitamins my body needed. To this day, I am not sure exactly how this testing process works. What I do know, however, is that I have seen results. The recommended supplements have been nothing short of a miracle for me. A part of the disease I have causes intense skin itching and rashes, as my immune system actually attacks the skin. I have been prescribed creams, steroids, and sleep medications for this, to no avail. Unbelievably to me, my rash resolved and itching ceased when I started taking these supplements. I cannot tell you how much of a physical relief this was. During these past few months I have also been tapering off of Prednisone (a steroid) that I have been taking for more than a year. This tapering process is not always possible for individuals with my disease, and many cannot stop taking that drug. A medication that, while life saving, is also very damaging to one’s body. Today I am on only 1 mg of Prednisone, having been taking up to 60 mg, historically. Dr. Mike and Val meet with me regularly to assess my progress and symptoms. Together, I truly believe we are nurturing my body back to health, by simply giving it the nutrition it lacks. I absolutely recommend this program, and have encouraged friends and family to do so. I do not think I could have reached this level of wellness without having paid attention to my nutritional needs, as this program does.

- K.T.

To say I was skeptical about the nutritional program would be an understatement, but after seeing the results my husband was having on the program I decided to give it a try. Before getting on the program I was taking 4 Aleve a day for inflammation problems and Citalopram for anxiety. Much to my surprise after being on the program for about two weeks I was able to wean myself off of the Citalopram totally and reduce the Aleve to 2 per day. That was huge; I had been on both medications for years.

Besides significantly reducing my medications, I have noticed increased energy, better sleep at night, and just a better overall healthy feeling. It was truly amazing to me the difference a few supplements and a healthier diet can make.

Thank you Dr. Laura and Valerie for teaching both my husband and I the benefits of your Nutrition program, we both feel so much better and are grateful.

- K.M.

I’ve spent a number of years finding ways to improve my health, but I knew something was still missing. Thanks to Nutrition Response testing I’m getting a handle on that missing piece – my body needs whole foods and balancing supplements to heal. Through initial testing, Dr. Laura identified foods that I need to avoid, including some favorite “comfort foods,” so I am eliminating those foods and all processed foods as much as possible and focusing on “good” foods. I’ve added whole food supplements that tested well for me, and I’m implementing new learnings from the resources Dr. Laura provides. Several weeks into the program, I asked Dr. Laura to test supplements that I was taking. We identified which ones still work, eliminated what doesn’t work for me, and added whole food supplements that provide what I need. I’m more confident that my body is getting what it needs for healing, and testing results are confirming it.

In the past, by this point in a new program I would have lapsed into old habits. Instead, I feel energized and committed to practice the program. Dr. Laura continues to fine-tune what my body needs. Each appointment provides tangible evidence that I’m improving! I don’t have to count calories; I’m eating healthy foods (with an occasional minor lapse). My taste buds are changing, and cravings for foods I need to avoid are disappearing, so it’s easier to resist “bad foods.” I’m not hungry between meals. I sleep better. I still exercise regularly, with less intensity, yet I’m losing weight! Even though my knee still lets me know it’s there, I know it’s much better. My most recent massage was another sign of healing – I was more flexible than a month ago, and my therapist didn’t have to work as hard to restore balance in my muscles. I look forward to discovering how much more improvement I will experience as I continue on this journey toward healing.

- J.H.

I suffered with sinus headaches for such a long time and since doing this program, my headaches are gone. I have so much more energy and feel great. I strongly would recommend this program to anyone who wants to make positive changes with their health. Dr. Mike & Valerie are so caring, helpful & encouraging. They want to help you feel your best.

- L.W.

Since starting the nutrition program my general health has improved. I have less itching, dizziness, ringing in the ears and no more leg cramps.

- E.B.

I am so grateful that my daughter recommended that I try Nutrition Response Testing. I have been on the Standard Process supplements and have been eliminating certain foods from my diet since October 1st. I have lost at least 15 pounds, have better balance, my fine motor skills have improved, my nails are no longer brittle or thin, and I am a much happier person. Thank you Dr. Laura and staff for all the changes! I am looking forward to my next appointment with my primary doctor for my yearly physical to see what results he has for me now. I think that he will be quite surprised.

- K.W.

Cold Laser Testimonials

I’ve been coming to Fenander Chiropractic for over 25 yrs suffering from multiple joint issues stemming from multiple sports and work injuries. When I heard about “Light Therapy” I was anxious to give it a try. My main areas are wrist, shoulder, elbow and knee. After my first series of treatments, I’m finding my wrist and shoulder pain has eased at least 50%. My elbow pain is almost gone and my knee is now letting me walk almost entirely without the use of my cane.

- R.J.

I recently had surgery; I was in so much pain I couldn’t lay down or sit for more than a few minutes. Then I heard about cold laser therapy. I couldn’t believe it, after my 2nd treatment I was 100% pain free. I would recommend this for anybody.

- M.R.

In fall of 2004, I experienced extreme pain and discomfort in my right knee while fishing on vacation. I scheduled an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon shortly thereafter and was told I had a torn meniscus. After arthroscopic surgery for that, it was discovered that I had a torn ACL. The surgeon and I decided surgery at that time was not necessary. Several weeks ago the knee began to buckle frequently and experience pain and swelling. After about two weeks of icing it daily, I felt I must need surgery as it was not improving. I scheduled an appointment with my surgeon in a month. Days later Dr. Laura and Dr. Mike told me about the laser treatment they offered. I was initially very skeptical about it but really did not want to have a reconstructive surgery at this time. I scheduled a series of six laser treatments over two weeks. After two treatments, my knee pain had subsided greatly, swelling was down significantly and my knee stability had improved. Now, after five treatments, I no longer have pain or swelling (no more daily icing), and my knee feels very stable. Prior to the treatments, I had great difficulty navigating stairs. Now I am running up them. I truly believe that this is an effective treatment. I don’t know what the future holds, but the present is better than I could have ever imagined.

- J.G.

I am very pleased with the light therapy program. I have noticed so much improvement in my back and left leg. I can stand longer working in one place. I don’t have to go and sit down every five to ten minutes. My knee is stronger and I can lift it up on the foot stool without helping it. I can also bend it a little better now, and also walk without it feeling like a peg leg. My balance has also improved.

- K. G.

Upon injuring my knee while playing softball I was faced with a lot of pain and a very limited level of physical activity. I was then told by a reputable orthopedic surgeon that an MRI showed I was missing cartilage under my knee cap. There was no resolution for this discovery, or the pain I was feeling. I was told that surgery was NOT an option. All I could really do was wear a brace for any physical activity to hopefully keep the pain and swelling to a minimum. Over two months after the injury I was still suffering from swelling, pain, and an overall feeling of instability with my right knee. After asking Dr. Laura about any possible supplements (glucosamine or any other) to help with the pain and instability, I was introduced to Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). With nothing to lose I decided to give it a shot. After the first two sessions I was feeling good enough to try a 1.5 mile jog, and did so with absolutely no pain! I have since had two more sessions and another jog, again with no pain! I look forward to my last two sessions and being able to participate again in 5K run/walks in the very near future. Thank you Dr. Laura and the rest of the staff!!

- T.A.