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Chiropractic Testimonials

I have suffered with chronic back pain for 30 years. Since coming to Fenander Chiropractic, I no longer have the constant daily pain or tightness. I have not had to wear my back support belt or always use ice and heat packs. Coming here was the smartest and best decision I have ever made!

I also had laser therapy on my knee which has helped the pain greatly. The doctors and staff are very kind and efficient. The nutrition program has helped me also to give my body the vitamins and minerals it was lacking.

- L.W.

I have used Fenander Chiropractic and Wellness for probably 20 years or more. Sometimes they see a lot of me, and sometimes not so much. I’ve learned to listen to my body and not to put off a treatment if I need it.

The doctors are very professional and helpful and accommodating. The staff is always friendly and professional as well.

I raised my children and grandchildren to believe in chiropractic and they are thankful for that. We all thank you for helping us.

- S.B.

I’ve been going to Fenander Chiropractic for close to 30 years now and have always received excellent care. My best interest has always been foremost in their treatments and recommendations.

Their care extends beyond just spinal manipulation. It includes heartfelt conversation during which not only do they get to know me better but I come to understand myself more fully as well. I have come to equate Fenander Chiropractic so much with my well being that just walking into the building often begins the healing process. Our insurance is not associated with this office, but I am willing to pay the bill myself to get the excellent care.

- J.W.

I wouldn't go anywhere else! The care is wonderful and everyone is very friendly! I always feel like a million bucks when I leave!

- C.S.

I Love this Chiropractic Office! Chiropractic has been very helpful with recovery from knee surgery and bad hips. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

- M.L.

Friendly, prompt, & cheerful staff. Very little waiting for your appointment. I always feel better after I leave. Sometimes the adjustment feels so good that I will nap if I go straight home. I love the technique that they use here. I don't stiffen up, because I know they will not crack my joints into place.

- P.W.

I enjoy receiving thorough adjustments from Dr. Laura. I like the low force technique that they use.

- L.H.