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Cold Laser Therapy Testimonials

I’ve been coming to Fenander Chiropractic for over 25 yrs suffering from multiple joint issues stemming from multiple sports and work injuries. When I heard about “Light Therapy” I was anxious to give it a try. My main areas are wrist, shoulder, elbow and knee. After my first series of treatments, I’m finding my wrist and shoulder pain has eased at least 50%. My elbow pain is almost gone and my knee is now letting me walk almost entirely without the use of my cane.

- R.J.

I recently had surgery; I was in so much pain I couldn’t lay down or sit for more than a few minutes. Then I heard about cold laser therapy. I couldn’t believe it, after my 2nd treatment I was 100% pain free. I would recommend this for anybody.

- M.R.

In fall of 2004, I experienced extreme pain and discomfort in my right knee while fishing on vacation. I scheduled an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon shortly thereafter and was told I had a torn meniscus. After arthroscopic surgery for that, it was discovered that I had a torn ACL. The surgeon and I decided surgery at that time was not necessary. Several weeks ago the knee began to buckle frequently and experience pain and swelling. After about two weeks of icing it daily, I felt I must need surgery as it was not improving. I scheduled an appointment with my surgeon in a month. Days later Dr. Laura and Dr. Mike told me about the laser treatment they offered. I was initially very skeptical about it but really did not want to have a reconstructive surgery at this time. I scheduled a series of six laser treatments over two weeks. After two treatments, my knee pain had subsided greatly, swelling was down significantly and my knee stability had improved. Now, after five treatments, I no longer have pain or swelling (no more daily icing), and my knee feels very stable. Prior to the treatments, I had great difficulty navigating stairs. Now I am running up them. I truly believe that this is an effective treatment. I don’t know what the future holds, but the present is better than I could have ever imagined.

- J.G.

I am very pleased with the light therapy program. I have noticed so much improvement in my back and left leg. I can stand longer working in one place. I don’t have to go and sit down every five to ten minutes. My knee is stronger and I can lift it up on the foot stool without helping it. I can also bend it a little better now, and also walk without it feeling like a peg leg. My balance has also improved.

- K. G.

Upon injuring my knee while playing softball I was faced with a lot of pain and a very limited level of physical activity. I was then told by a reputable orthopedic surgeon that an MRI showed I was missing cartilage under my knee cap. There was no resolution for this discovery, or the pain I was feeling. I was told that surgery was NOT an option. All I could really do was wear a brace for any physical activity to hopefully keep the pain and swelling to a minimum. Over two months after the injury I was still suffering from swelling, pain, and an overall feeling of instability with my right knee. After asking Dr. Laura about any possible supplements (glucosamine or any other) to help with the pain and instability, I was introduced to Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). With nothing to lose I decided to give it a shot. After the first two sessions I was feeling good enough to try a 1.5 mile jog, and did so with absolutely no pain! I have since had two more sessions and another jog, again with no pain! I look forward to my last two sessions and being able to participate again in 5K run/walks in the very near future. Thank you Dr. Laura and the rest of the staff!!

- T.A.

Strength in hand and fingers; feels better, still some numbness not like it was – so far so good! Hopeful more improvement ahead.

- R.L.

I was having a problem with my leg. It was getting harder and harder to walk. After my laser treatments my leg was almost back to normal.

- S.S.

Sunday night I had extreme pain in my knee, bending or putting weight on it was almost impossible. After three light therapy treatments and adjustments (a span of five days) I was able to do outside yard work and enjoy fishing on my boat. After my fifth treatment I was doing most of my normal activities with very little pain. The things I like the most during my rehab were no drugs, short therapy sessions (approx. five minutes each), no pain during therapy, and could easily fit all six sessions into my daily schedule.

- J.S.

I have had the therapy on my elbow, knee and shoulder. It has worked great on all the areas. I have no issues with my elbow at all and my knee is much better. The knee rarely wakes me up at night anymore, which it used to just about every night. My shoulder improved after the first treatment. After two treatments with adjustments it is back to normal. I am recommending it to other people.

- P.M.

I injured both my knees and it was difficult and painful to bear weight on them. It felt like hundreds of rubber bands were wound around my knees tight! After a few sessions with the laser I could feel a slight improvement, then after a while the tight rubber band feeling was gradually loosening its grip. Between my laser treatments & adjustments, my knees have improved, my gait is more normal & the tightness has all but gone away.

- B.H.

A friend told me about the light therapy program. She knew what problems I was having. My sinuses were plugged up. Now after 6 treatments they are open and I don’t have the headaches. I can turn my head without pain. Thank you Dr. Laura.

- B.S.

I’ve had several 6-session light therapies for different reasons. My first experience was with lower leg pain. It took all of the 6 therapies to relieve it, and I repeated the 6 light therapies about a month later; that was a year ago.

Next I had tendonitis in my elbows, probably from gardening. The 6 therapies worked beautifully. I was told (by medical) that it would take 6-8 months to heal and watch how I lifted things. I couldn’t carry my purse, wring out a dish cloth, washcloth, and it was painful to put clothes in the dryer. I started to notice a difference after 3 sessions. It took all 6 sessions to relieve it.

I can say I have been pain free for a year or more.

- S. B.

Over the past three months, I have been receiving light therapy. At first, it was to help with the discomfort/pain in my knee where I have several torn ligaments and my varicose veins. Now I continue with the program in a maintenance basis (once per month) as I have seen improvement. The appearance of the veins is not as enlarged and seems to be disappearing. As for my knee, it has not been bothering me for several months now. I realize everyone’s situation is different, but the program has worked for me.

- K. B.

I experienced excruciating sciatic nerve pain on and off for about 15 months.

After numerous adjustments, Dr. Laura recommended the Light Therapy Program. I had six treatments in November 2015 and another six in January 2016.

It’s been FIVE months since my last treatment and I haven’t had any sciatic nerve pain or any back problems!

I strongly recommend the Light Therapy Program for anyone who has been plagued by back problems!

- S.C.

I had light therapy on Tues. 12 of July. I went in there in terrible pain in my leg; couldn’t walk very well, and had a hard time on stairs and getting in my car. Had to lift my leg with my hands to be able to get in the car, pain was so bad. After one treatment, I walked out of the office. I had no pain and was able to walk to my car and get in with no pain. Drove home and slept for 2 hours, and woke up in no pain. That evening I had a little discomfort, but woke up next day feeling good and in no pain. It’s a miracle. I still can’t believe it. I feel like a new person. I’ll keep going for all 6 treatments. I’m telling everyone about it. It’s the greatest thing that could happen to people in pain. You’ll get your life back. I walk around and still can’t believe I’m not in pain. I highly recommend this therapy to anyone who wants their life back.

- A.S.

I dislocated and broke my hip. The Doctor said that I could not walk on it because it would not be healed for 12 weeks. I had laser done on my hip and in 9 ½ weeks it was healed and was able to start walking on it.

- P.N.

I suffer with chronic low back muscle spasms. Dr. Mike’s adjustments have been amazing. I was able to walk and straighten out after one adjustment. I also had the light therapy treatments – after 1 treatment I felt great, was able to walk and not have to lay down for 6 hours; which is a long time for me! Normally in the past I would be laid up for weeks. I cannot express enough how wonderful the light therapy is and stronglyrecommend it to anyone with any type of chronic pain. Gets you up and moving so much faster, heals you so much faster too. Thank you Dr. Mike and Val!!

- L.W.

2 months ago I was looking at back surgery. When the doctor informed me that I could possibly be a lot worse after surgery I decided to try something else. Dr. Mike suggested light treatments. I was in an awful lot of pain at that time. I have had 13 treatments but I am a lot better. Valerie has been so helpful through all this.

- B.S.

I had initially heard of light therapy from a friend. This individual informed me of the difference it made for her. After dealing with knee pain for about a month plus I had decided to try the light therapy. Within an hour of the first session I started to notice a difference. By the 6th and final treatment I am starting to feel 100%.

- A. F.

I had numbness on my right side and leg. After a couple treatments I started to see results. I am continuing treatments and hoping for the best. I definitely recommend the Laser treatments.

- J.D.

I went to Dr. Laura for a hip & sciatica issue. She did wonders! As did Val who used laser treatments. I am very satisfied! Staff is courteous, friendly & efficient. I would highly recommend.

- P.O.

OK, I’m a believer!!

I had been bothered by what I thought was a torn rotator cuff. It had been very sore for about a month. I saw Dr. Laura a couple of times and she encouraged me to try the laser light treatment. After the second chiropractic treatment I finally agreed. I should have listened sooner! There was almost immediate relief after my first treatment on a Tuesday. Most of my symptoms were gone by Monday!! I would highly recommend the laser light treatment for what your chiropractor recommends!

- L. S.

When I first came into Fenander’s my jaw was shifted to the right and also locked. I was in a substantial amount of pain. After the first treatment my jaw was looser and had started to shift back into place. The pain had subsided to a dull soreness. I was hesitant to try Light Therapy, but now I am a believer and advocate for the treatment!

- S. W.

I was having pain and numbness in my legs and tried the light therapy. It took a couple visits but then my pain went away. Now if it reoccurs I only need one treatment and it goes away for months at a time. I have used it for a groin pull and a sore foot with great success.

- C. S.

I am thrilled with the improvement of the pain and discomfort in my hands, thumbs & fingers. I just finished my sixth treatment and my pain is gone and my “trigger finger” is no longer an issue! I plan to return every few weeks and eventually once a month.

Thanks to everyone in the office, very helpful and kind!

- B. L.