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Thank you for visiting the website of Fenander Chiropractic & Wellness. Our office has been providing safe, gentle, chiropractic care to residents of Wisconsin Rapids and the surrounding communities since 1978. We take pride in our care of patients of all ages using only low force chiropractic adjustments.

Our office has recently expanded to include Wellness techniques. In addition to safe, effective Chiropractic Care, we now also offer Nutrition Response Testing, Reiki, Reflexology, Cold Laser Treatments and Thermography.

Within our website, Wisconsin Rapids and surrounding area residents will find all types of health and wellness related information including information about our office and services:

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Nutrition Response Testing
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology
  • Cold Laser Treatments
  • Thermography

We hope you enjoy the information within and share it with others. Again, thank you for visiting www.wisconsinrapidschiropractor.com and remember to come back often.

Yours in health,

The Fenander Chiropractic & Wellness Team

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Dr. Michael Fenander